Meet a Sponsor of the Cinco de Mayo Festival in Gastonia: EXP Realty

EXP Realty is considered the number one real estate agency in the country by the number of agents and transactions in the United States. No other company in this country guides more people to buy a home than they do.
They work for and with you. They are here to ensure that every open house, every negotiation, and every decision is made with their clients’ best interests in mind. The real estate landscape is changing and with it, the way EXP Realty serves you is evolving in real time.

EXP Realty North Carolina will guide you to get the foundation of your future, your place to rest at night, your space to create memories and fulfill dreams.
EXP Realty North Carolina is committed to the Latino community in the state. Hence, they are sponsors of the Cinco de Mayo Festival in Gastonia. Their contribution has made it possible for this festival to take place once again. United Tennis is very grateful, since for the first time, the Cinco de Mayo Festival in Gastonia will be a fundraising event for our student programs! Thank you EXP Realty for helping us to fulfill our dream!

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