Meet a Sponsor for the Cinco de Mayo Festival in Gastonia: XIII CASAS North Carolina

The non-profit organization, XIII Casas NC, joins as a main sponsors of the Cinco de Mayo Festival in Gastonia. The mission of Trece Casas North Carolina is to improve the quality of life of the most needy people, offering them a roof over their heads or improving the home in which they live. Thus, they contribute to help people to have decent housing. If there is any damage in your home that endangers yours or your family’s well-being, you can call this organization and explain your case to them. They will walk you through a qualification process. If you qualify, all repairs are done free of charge to the affected people. The XIII Casas NC organization is located at 6212 Tuckasseegee Rd, Charlotte, NC. If you are interested in collaborating with this organization by offering donations or volunteering, you can contact them through their social networks, Facebook and Instagram 13 Casas NC. From United Tennis we want to thank the support offered by this organization to the Cinco de Mayo Festival in Gastonia 2024. They will be present with more information for everyone who needs it.

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